Tuesday Technical ride rolls out at 6 on… well… Tuesday of course.

12885737_10209596015763542_6837188296588063699_oIf you’re up for a more challenging ride with friends, join us for the Tuesday Technical ride at Deer Springs Farm.  We leave the parking lot at 6 PM for a 10 minute warm up, then venture to the steep, rocky goodness of the expert trails for about 45 minutes of riding there.  This is a challenging trail – not unride-able, but will certainly get your heart rate up and have your quads shaking a bit. We like to stop and “session” sections that give us trouble or are particularly challenging.  It’s good practice, and a good way to become a better mountain biker.

Helmets and current CAMBO membership is required.  Positive attitudes are optional, but encouraged.  Contact cambomtb@gmail.com if you have questions or want more info.  See you on the trails!


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