It’s THURSDAY! Social Ride at 7pm..

After spending most of the summer riding in sauna-like conditions, nights like these can’t be passed up.  High-70’s, low humidity.  Enjoy it now because soon we’ll be huddled around the grill for warmth again and complaining about the cold and promising to never gripe about the heat ever again.  drop

So seize the day (this evening) and come out for the social ride!  7pm is the official roll-out, but lots ambitious go-getters show up early to put some faster laps in before circling back for the start of the parade. Think of some witty banter, write it down if you have to, and bring something for the grill afterwards.  You’ll need lights past 7:30 I think, so charge those up too.

Til then, keep your weight back and your front wheel light.

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