Skillz Tuesday!

Coming soon!

Almost considered canceling today’s ride as temps aren’t forecast to get out of the low 60’s, and February 2017 has me spoiled rotten. But we’re gonna have to toughen up, cause I have a feeling March will get it’s revenge.  Yes, I fear Winter Is Coming (back) and there we’ll be, huddled around the feeble warmth of the post-ride grill wondering if the hot dogs are burning or are Matty’s shorts on fire, and not really caring either way.

But, Spring is here for now, and we need to enjoy it while we can. So we’ll ride off at 6pm tonight, do a short warm-up, and then decide how the evening will proceed. The options are: loops around the expert side; or some “spirited” intervals on the intermediate side; or both.  We’ll figure it out.  The important thing is to show up.  If you aren’t up for the expert loop or intervals, there’s likely a group taking a different approach.  So have your helmet, CAMBO membership, and lights ready to go. See you tonight

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