It’s a trap!

its-a-trapIt’s Thursday and 76 degrees in February.  I’m sure some of you have packed away the winter riding gear and stowed it neatly in the back of some closet behind the single socks and the “interview” ties.  It’s hard not to get complacent and maybe a little spoiled.  But, I just can’t shake the fear we are heading right into a trap; that winter will come roaring back and catch us wearing white shoes and sleeveless jerseys. Maybe I’m pessimistic but I get the feeling we need to ride as much as we can – while we can.

And with that, the Thursday Social Ride is on tonight, rolling out from the lot at 7pm for a no-drop, casual pace.  I’m certain plenty of folks will be out earlier than that doing their own thing and enjoying the warmth and sunlight.  The grill gets fired up around 8, so bring something that sizzles.  As always, CAMBO membership is required.  You’ll also need a helmet and lights.

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