Up is down, Winter is Spring

February, the month that traditionally hardens the character and builds a little toughness, has turned me soft and weak as a kitten.  I remember a 45 degree day in late February, even early March, was cause for hope and celebration.  Mid-week ride plans were meticulously built around that 45-degree day on the weather graphic, only to have it change at the last minute and become a 38 degree day, but the plans were made and no one wanted to be “that guy” that called it too cold and bailed on the ride.  Here we are on March 6th, it’s 60 degrees and there’s snow in the weekend forecast.

So a little bit of rain this afternoon isn’t enough to dampen my spirits.  I’m planning to ride (so long as it is not detrimental to the trails).  The Skillz ride starts at 6, and will likely venture over to the expert side, so long as the trails aren’t too wet for the rocks over there.  CAMBO membership, helmet, lights are requirements.

My plan is to ride a moderate pace, so feel free to join me.

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