Thursday Social Cancelled 3/16 NOT!

UPDATE! The CAMBO Social Ride is moving to TevenTrails tonight!  Shawn Tevendale has graciously offered to let us ride his trails (the venue for Paranormal) tonight since they didn’t get as much snow as we did.  We will still start at 7pm.  Directions are here:

You still need to be a member of CAMBO to do this ride.  You’ll also need a helmet and lights.

Keep in mind, TevenTrails is private property, and you need permission to ride there.  But for tonight we have it.  See you there.

Sadly, I think it’s best we stay off the trails today.  There is still snow on the ground, especially on the trails, and with temps getting into the 40’s today, it’ll be slush and mud.  The weekend looks great though, so I expect by Friday evening/Saturday morning we’ll be in good shape.  But for now, no ride tonight.  See you all next week.

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