Tuesday Skillz Ride w/ a Twist: 4/18

12885737_10209596015763542_6837188296588063699_oWe’ve got people coming off Pisgah Stage Race, people coming off Conquer the Hill, and people coming off spring projects, and weekends, and who knows what else.  So rather than the standard intervals, we are going to do something different.  We’re gonna still ride the expert side, but if there is a section of that trail that gives you trouble, all you gotta do is call it out ahead of time, and we’ll hit that spot and session it.  Them’s the rulez, if you say it, we gotta do it.  I’m gonna go ahead and call out the sharp left hander that leads to the last section of rockiness at the top.  So plan on sessioning that.  I know someone else who wants to session the double-log hop.  Someone else who wants to hit the 4 log stack on Sneaky Snake.  And so it goes.  So that’s the plan.

As per usual, CAMBO memberships are required as are helmets.  I think we won’t need lights this time.  If we do, we’ll light up the night with our smiles.

Bring a chair and something to share if you wish to commiserate after.  See y’all there.

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