1233590_10151877289030477_1945500287_nIt’s Thursday again and that means the social ride is on for tonight at 7pm!  This is a friendly, conversational, no-drop, beginner-friendly ride with a hang-out, cookout after.

As the weather gets better and more and more people come out to experience the glory of our trails, it becomes harder and harder to keep a large group of riders together.  So if a little gap opens up between you and the person in front of you, no worries.  We stop frequently to collect everyone.  We also always have one or two designated “sweepers” who ride back and make sure everyone is safe and knows where to go, just in case.

As always, CAMBO membership is required for all riders.  So are helmets.  And happiness.  Bring something for the grill if you want.  And come have some fun.  See you there.