Social ride at 7 tonight!

Photo credit: Kristin Kesecker

For the first time in a while, our ride won’t feel like it’s taking place in a hot bath on the sun!  Normal temps and low humidity are on tap for this evening’s ride! We fixed the grill; the trails are sweet; I got glasses that match my bike, my gloves, my shoes, my socks, and my helmet. Life is glorious! So lets get out and enjoy it by riding bikes at our favorite place and having a hot dog or bean burger afterwards.

If you wanna go fast, show up at 6 and we’ll put the hammer down. Otherwise, the fun stuff starts at 7pm, goes for about an hour, then finishes up in the parking area with a sizzling grill and a couple of stories.


As per usual, you’ll need a helmet, and a current CAMBO membership. See you then.



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