The weather forecast seems to be better than it was a day or two ago, and looks like we’ll escape any significant rainfall today. And what does fall should be early enough the trails will dry out by ride time.  So… we’ll roll out at 7 for a leisurely jaunt through the woods. You’ll need at least one light since it’s getting darker sooner. The fire up the grill around 8. So bring something if you feel like it.

Some riders will be out earlier – 6ish or before – doing their own variety of pacing, bike hucking, or just faffing about. So ride early if you go fast.

I also hear rumor (and have seen some photo, albeit blurry, evidence) of a new bike in town tonight. So get there if you wanna be one of the first to lay eyes.

CAMBO membership required, as are helmets. Lights HIGHLY recommended. See ya tonight.