2019 CAMBO Membership

2019 CAMBO membership registration is completed and will be available starting October 1st!
For the past 15 years the cost of an adult membership has been $25. However, over the past 2-3 years our trail maintenance costs have gone up (I’m sure you’ve noticed the new and improved trails) so an increase is now necessary. Starting for 2019 the cost of an adult membership will be $30. The increase will go right back into building and maintaining our trails for everyone to enjoy.

Junior (18 and under) will continue to be $10 a year.

Registration for 2019 will open on October 1st. If you join on or after that, you’ll get the rest of 2018 included! If you already have a 2018 membership, don’t worry, you are good through December 31st.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “2019 CAMBO Membership

  1. Brandon Bonfadini

    I want to come tomorrow(Sunday 29 around 1:30 and I was riding your website on how to register and I’m very confused, if you can please clarify how to create an account. Also I am under 18 and my parents also might want a membership. Sincerely-brandon


    1. Joe White

      Hello Brandon. You can register by either going into one of 4 bike shops and picking up a membership (Bike Stop in Warrenton, Blue Ridge Cyclery (North Store) in Charlottesville, Haymarket Cycles in Culpeper, or VeloConcepts in Culpeper). All 4 shops have our forms and waivers for you to sign, and you’ll need to pay in cash or check. Or, you can sign up online at bikereg.com/cambo2018.

      We are opening up our 2019 memberships this Monday, Oct 1st. If you sign up tonight or tomorrow, since it’s so close, I will transfer your membership over to 2019. That way your membership will cover the rest of THIS year and all of next.

      Let me know if that helps.


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