2018 Memberships are available now!

We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2018 – new trails, new field trips, group rides, and other things in the works. If you want cool trails and cool friends to ride with, sign up now, and get the rest of 2017 included with your 2018 membership.

You can sign up online at http://bikereg.com/cambo2018. Or, stop in one of our local bike shops:

  • Bike Stop-Warrenton (19 Main St. Warrenton, VA)
  • Blue Ridge Cyclery (257-B Connor Dr, Charlottesville, VA (north/hollymead store only)
  • Haymarket Cycles (Southgate Shopping Center, Culpeper, VA)
  • VeloConcepts (201 Waters Pl, Culpeper, VA)

If you have a current, 2017 CAMBO membership, don’t worry – it’s valid til the end of the year. But if you don’t, now’s a great time to sign up and get some extra riding in!

7pm tonight social ride!

The weather forecast seems to be better than it was a day or two ago, and looks like we’ll escape any significant rainfall today. And what does fall should be early enough the trails will dry out by ride time.  So… we’ll roll out at 7 for a leisurely jaunt through the woods. You’ll need at least one light since it’s getting darker sooner. The fire up the grill around 8. So bring something if you feel like it.

Some riders will be out earlier – 6ish or before – doing their own variety of pacing, bike hucking, or just faffing about. So ride early if you go fast.

I also hear rumor (and have seen some photo, albeit blurry, evidence) of a new bike in town tonight. So get there if you wanna be one of the first to lay eyes.

CAMBO membership required, as are helmets. Lights HIGHLY recommended. See ya tonight.

Social Ride tonight!

Looks like beautiful weather for tonight’s ride!  We’ll roll out for the socializing-on-wheels around 7pm tonight.  Bring lights!  We’ll probably need them in the woods after 7:30ish. If you want to get a faster ride in beforehand show up early.

Bring something for the grill. Helmet and CAMBO membership required.

See you then.

Social Ride at 7 – keeping an eye on the weather

There is a slight risk of t-storms this evening, so we’ll have to play tonight’s ride by ear. Watch the radar and we’ll try to post something as the hour draws nearer.

But, let’s proceed with optimism and plan to be there at 7pm, earlier if you want a faster lap or two.  The pace at 7 will be conversational, with frequent stops to regroup if needed.  We’ll fire the grill up around 8 and hang out for a bit too.

Helmet and CAMBO membership required.

Thursday Night Social – 7pm

Social ride rolls out tonight at 7pm. If you just gotta go fast, get there early and wear yourself out, cause after 7, the pace is casual. If you can’t giggle on your bike, you’re going too fast.

We’ll fire the grill up at 8ish.  It’s almost getting to where we’ll need lights to continue after 8/8:30, but we should be fine for a few more weeks.

As per usual, you’ll need a helmet and a CAMBO membership. A bike is a good idea too.

Technical Tuesday is on, but no beginner ride tonight

The beginner ride continues it’s hiatus this week, but should return in full glory next week on 8/8.  More info on that soon.

But, Technical Tuesday is still on, leaving the parking lot at 7 pm for a little warm up before hitting the expert side for a loop or two. As per usual, we’ll stop to session difficult stuff, and try to clean a few sections.

Show up early if you want a few extra miles. I plan to be out there no later than 6.

You will need a current CAMBO membership. Helmets are required.

See you out there.


Social ride at 7 tonight!

Photo credit: Kristin Kesecker

For the first time in a while, our ride won’t feel like it’s taking place in a hot bath on the sun!  Normal temps and low humidity are on tap for this evening’s ride! We fixed the grill; the trails are sweet; I got glasses that match my bike, my gloves, my shoes, my socks, and my helmet. Life is glorious! So lets get out and enjoy it by riding bikes at our favorite place and having a hot dog or bean burger afterwards.

If you wanna go fast, show up at 6 and we’ll put the hammer down. Otherwise, the fun stuff starts at 7pm, goes for about an hour, then finishes up in the parking area with a sizzling grill and a couple of stories.


As per usual, you’ll need a helmet, and a current CAMBO membership. See you then.



Beginner ride on hiatus this week, expert/skillz ride still on.

I can’t believe we’ll get a chance to ride without supplemental oxygen or heat stroke today. But, it’s a glorious morning – nice temps, low humidity and clear blue skies.

The beginner ride is on hiatus this week, as our organizers and ride leaders are all traveling. But the expert/skillz ride is still on. We did some grooming on the expert side last night so the trails should be even more awesome than they’ve been recently.

We’ll start at 6, and if there are folks who can’t make it on time, say so, and we’ll figure a way to swing back to the lot and pick you up.

CAMBO membership is required, as are helmets. See you tonight.


It’s so hot the only way to cool off is to get on your bike and make your own breeze.

So come out to the Thursday night social ride at 7 pm!  If that isn’t hot enough for you, we’ll stand around a (potentially) hot grill afterwards and drink things that dehydrate us. Fun times for sure! And yet, you can still come out early and get even hotter with some extra laps.  As per usual, helmet and CAMBO membership is required. Start hydrating now!