CAMBO Racing

CAMBO RacingCAMBO has a race team! Our goal is to have fun, see new places, and push ourselves a little while racing our bikes in the woods. This is really a no-pressure race team, where we are just happy to be riding our bikes with our friends. There’s a place on our team for anyone of any skill level as long as you are interested in having fun, representing CAMBO, and meeting new people, we’re happy to have you along.  If you are interested, send an email to

Over the past 3 years the CAMBO Race Team has enjoyed huge success in the Virginia Off Road Series, finishing in the top 3 each year since 2013 in the team division. CAMBO racers have finished on top in multiple categories for VORS season rankings and individual races. We also have several members who compete in the National Ultra Endurance Series events every year.

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